At the end of February 2016 PRIKNER company  introduced into operation multipurpose nitriding furnace HRNe 40.40.60-750-2-IA made by Seco Warwick Swiebodzin, Poland.

The furnace is equipped for  gas nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes controlled either by Zero Flow® technology or Process Electronic control system. There are several possibilities how to make the process of pre- and post – oxidation ( nitrous oxide, air, water vapour ). The most interesting  feature  is  plasma activation for stainless steels treatment. Moreover, Process Electronic control system is supported by nitriding and nitrocarburizing simulation software HT-Tools/N for designing and optimizing nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes. It can significantly reduce the lead time for process developement, replacing time-consuming calculation analysis and trial to design recipes. 

  • nitriding and carbonitriding
  • postoxidation by N2O or water vapour
  • nitriding of stainless steels
  • Process Electronic control system including process simulation
  • ZeroFlow® technology
  • max charge size 400x400x600 mm , max weight 200 kg