Company history

2016    VIth extension of company buildings

2016    Start of Zero Flow® technology and plasma surface activation

2014    Vth extension of company buildings

2012    Start of High Pressure Gas Quenching technology 25 bar

2011    IVth extension of company buildings

2011    Mrs. Petra Priknerová became Chief executive and minority owner

2010    Opening of IT/ITC project of administrative and management software for heat treatment shop

2010    Start of PreNitLPC technology

2009    PRIKNER company obtained grant for research on field of cryogenic treatment of ledeburitic steels from Ministry of industry and trade and opening of cooperation with Czech Technical University in Prague

2008    Start of low presure carburizing technology and opening of cooperation with SECO/WARWICK company

2007    Change of company legal statute – PRIKNER-heat treatment of metals, Ltd. has been established

2006    IIIth extension of company buildings

2005    Cryogenic treatment technology modernization

2004    Opening of supplies for SIEMENS Amberg (today SIEMENS Trutnov) power engineering parts

2003    Start of heat treatment controlling by computers and monitoring

2002    Start of washing water recycling technology after quenching

2002    Opening of supplies for EMUGE Lomnice n. Popelkou clamping parts for tool machines

2001    Opening of supplies for RIETER Hnátnice (today Rieter Automotive and Rieter CZ) textile and engineering machines

2001    ISO 9001 certificate has been obtained

2001    Opening of supplies for FARMET Česká Skalice agriculture presses

2000    Opening of vacuum hardening heat treatment shop

1999    IInd extension of company buildings

1999    Start of cartage service

1999    Gas management modernization

1997    Opening of supplies for MOTORPAL Jihlava injection parts for diesel engines

1997    Metallografical laboratory opening

1995    Ist extension of company buildings

1994    Mr. Prikner obtained buildings and grounds to his ownership

1993-2002    Heat treatment supplies for POCLAIN HYDRAULIC Brno hydraulic parts

1992    Opening of supplies for HYTOS Vrchlabí (today ARGO – HYTOS) hydraulic systems

1991    Start of heat treatment on SOLO furnaces

1990    Otakar PRIKNER – heat treatment of metals has been established